Following a few years working within the financial investment industry in Kuwait, noor alzabin set up dar.nur to satisfy her own creative hunger as well as providing a platform to encourage various creative orientations whether it be in furniture design, carpentry, art or any other..

noor hopes for dar.nur to be a space that offers everything from gift ideas, home accessories to personalise any space.

Currently at dar.nur:

dash Neerja Ceramics, India  
dash votivo , US    
dash Marius Fabre Savonnier, Provence France    
dash Rosanna US    
dash Soulartherapy Candles, US    
dash Waste Note Paper, US.  
dash Archipelago Botanicals, US    
dash Choux a la creme, Beirut  
dash Rana Salam, Beirut    
dar.nur also stocks Canvas Magazine, Khaleejesque Magazine and different art books from time to time.